Safety Tips In The Event Of A Flood

Yesterday we witnessed Lekki area of Lagos transform into a pool of water. After witnessing the menace first hand, we realize both the irony and the need for proper information on the electricity safety measures in the event of a flood

1 – Turn off your electrical input –: It is important to enjoy power, however, it is also important to enjoy life and one of the ways to preserve yours is to turn off all electrical inputs in the event of a storm. This includes removing your fuse or switching your electrical breaker (change over).  Now while in most cases your local DisCo will shut off power supply in the event of the flood, it also important that you’re not tempted into switching on a generator. water is a good enough conductor of electricity so you don’t want to be playing around electricity during a flood. For the period of the flood.


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2- Avoid going out – While you might need to get from point A to point B during a flood. Make sure you are only stepping out when you absolutely have to and make sure you NEVER walk or drive across power lines. Electrical wires may have fallen and may be hidden beneath the surface of a pool of water during a flood. So the best advice during a flood is to STAY INDOORS!

3- Keep your electrical devices off the ground. – Pictures from the Lekki Incident showed people’s sitting rooms flooded and you can only imagine the fate of the electrical sockets and the extension boxes on the floor. While you may not be able to move fixed installation like sockets it’s still important to move all other electrical devices off the floor and give them some altitude. Water typically rises from ground level doing a flood, so this will buy you some valuable time to take other measures to arrest the situation.

4- Don’t leave naked wire unattended to  – The last thing you want during a flood is to have a couple of electrical leakages in your home. On the rare event that power comes on that simple naked wire becomes a serious electrical hazard in a flooded home. Simple rolling a duck tape over this wires can provide a temporary solution but it is best recommended to get an electrician to fix the wires.

Safety is of paramount importance.

Our heart goes out to everyone who lost properties due to the Lekki flood

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