Phed flag off massive metering program

PHED Flags Off Massive Metering Program In Rumuomasi

The management of the Port Harcourt Electricity Distribution company flagged off their massive metering program today at Rumuomasi, Port HarcourtThe flag off marks the beginning of a metering plan for 5000 meters in the Rumuomasi community.

The metering program was commissioned at the Eze Oropotoma palace, Rumuomasi by His royal highness, Eze Nyema Onunwor accompanied by a number of delegates of Rumuomasi.

Phed flag off massive metering program rumuomasi

Phed flag off massive metering program rumuomasi

Showing the company’s commitment to metering the community, PHED was fully represented at the event. The Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Jean Pierre Breton was present, accompanied by the Project Managerthe metering coordinator and the Community engagement manager.

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Mr John Onyi, PHED’s spokesperson, introduced the program appreciating the king his presence. The CFO also spoke asking the King for the cooperation and understanding of the people of Rumumasi while the metering process is running. He invited the people to always reach out to PHED if they have any problem with their bills at any time.

“When we’re asking you to help us to fight against theft, it is because, when the generation company’s are providing us energy, we have to pay for that energy.”

“We are not considering our customers as just customers but as partners.” he added.

When asked how many meters PHED plans to install in Rumumasi, the Jean Pierre said that PHED plans to install 5000 meters.

“We have a massive plan for 5000 meters but the plan of PHED before the year runs out is to install 150,000”Phed flag off massive metering program rumuomasi

After the demonstration of the first meter installation in Rumumasi, His excellency Eze Nyema took time to personally appreciate the management of the Port Harcourt Electricity Distribution Company for their partnership with the community.

“I want to commend the management of PHED for this initiative.”

“This means that they have gotten a buy in on a social licence to operate here. So we are partners now, essentially for this project. We need power and they also need payment for their business, so it is a mutually beneficial relationship.”

PHED Flag off Massive Metering Program In Rumuomasi

The head of the Safety department, Gabriel Egede was also in attendance to educate the people on electricity safety tips. He mentioned a number of tips including, Earthing of homes, living under high tension wires and what to do in the event that a high tension wire falls of one’s vehicle.

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Uyime Apkabio, representing the Head of PHED’s Energy Efficiency unit, Mr Franklin Agegbo spoke about the importance and effect of energy efficiency. He sensitized the audience on how to choose energy efficient appliances, showing them the different types of bulbs and their effects on electricity bills.


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