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DisCos Rejected 22,277MW Of Electricity In 8 Days – TCN

The Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) has once decried the habit of the electricity distribution companies (Discos) of refusing to take maximum electricity loads allocated to them for distribution to their various consumers.

According to the TCN’s tweet on thier load allocation for the period between August 27 and September 3, 2017, the DisCos rejected a total of 22,277.53 megawatts (MW) of power produced by power generation companies (Gencos).

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This is despite current records from both the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) and International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) indicating that well over 89 million Nigerian citizens do not have any form of electricity connections to their homes.

Yet, the Discos according to the TCN records refused to take up an average of 2,784.6MW every day for distribution to their customers, thereby suggesting that the rejected volumes were produced by the Gencos, and the TCN willing to transmit them.

According to the records obtained from This Day, on August 27, the Discos collectively rejected a total of 1,351.47MW; the next day, they allowed a whopping 3,129.05MW to waste; while on August 30, they simply could not take up 2,841.1MW that was generated.

Similarly, their load rejection acts continued on August 31, when they failed to accept 2,656.46MW of power that was generated; on September 1, they could not take 2,713.95MW; as well as on September 2 and 3 when they could not take 3,010.59MW and 3,267.17MW respectively.

According to the record, Ikeja, Ibadan, and Enugu Discos were among the top in the load rejection acts of the Discos.

The record showed the load rejection acts of the Discos to include: “August 27: Abuja Disco – 143.27MW; Benin Disco – 134.71MW; Eko Disco -92.97MW; Enugu Disco -166.33MW; Ibadan Disco – 172.11MW; Ikeja – 396.24MW; Jos – 79.14MW; Kaduna – 117.43MW; Kano – 32.22MW; Port Harcourt Disco – 3.14MW; Yola Disco – 13.91MW.

“28/08/017: 335.32MW; 268.55MW; 298.83MW; 311.68MW; 375.50MW; 638.26MW; 167.82MW; 264.03MW; 212.01MW; 165.22MW; 91.83MW respectively.
“29/08/017: 358.71MW; 298.67; 359.22MW; 296.03MW; 421.14MW; 652.83MW; 183.85MW; 277.73MW; 200.40MW; 158.68MW; 100.48MW.”

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It further continued respectively as: “30/08/017: 288.32MW; 237.90MW; 268.70MW; 285.95MW; 332.49MW; 600.92MW; 144.38MW; 248.99MW; 203.11MW; 156.39MW; 73.95MW.
“31/08/017: 235.34MW; 250.22MW; 272.26MW; 261.86MW; 325.91MW; 595.69MW; 106.06MW; 224.16MW; 179.57MW; 124.88MW; 80.51MW.
“01/09/017: 283.95MW; 219.55MW; 282.48MW; 248.01MW; 314.32MW; 624.36MW; 125.60MW; 215.60MW; 212.38MW; 116.06MW; 71.64MW.
“02/09/017: 304.52MW; 227.35MW; 302.66MW; 283.53MW; 359.48MW; 635.80MW; 152.80MW; 243.00MW; 227.89MW; 190.48MW; 83.08MW.
“03/09/017: 297.25MW; 285.27Mw; 320.54MW; 310.07MW; 404.54MW; 619.11MW; 156.84MW; 298.35MW; 255.51MW; 230.02MW; 89.67MW.”

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