We Have Metered 65% Of Our Customers – CEO, EKO DISCO

The CEO of Eko Electricity Distribution Company, Engr. Oladele Amoda has said that the company has successfully metered 65 percent of it’s customers.

Amoda, who is one of the most experienced personels in Nigeria’s electricity sector revealed this in an interview with Sweet crude reports.

According to him, the distribution company currently has about 500,000 customers and has metered up to 65% of this number.

“For Eko, we started with about 300, 000 customers. Now it has increased to about 500, 000, out of which 65% have been metered.” Amoha stated.

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He also explained that this number only applied to registered customers.

“When you say customers, these are the registered ones. There are lots of customers using light without paying or their being registered. Right now, we have commenced a customer enumeration exercise, going from house to house to see those not on our records.” He elaborated.

When asked about the movement for NERC’s monthly or quarterly review of the MYTO scheme. He assured that the review does not neccessarily have to always be for increment in tariff. He also pointed out that the last 2 reviews have not been approved by the Federal government.

“The fact is that we do review once in a year and do minor review every six months. We do this in conjunction with NERC, looking at the economic indices of the moment.  We look at what has changed overtime. Maybe inflation has gone up or down, generation availability, distribution and others- they look at these whether to adjust the tariff up or down.

He added that, “For the past two years now, although we have done the review for increment in tariff but it has not been implemented because government has not given the required go-ahead.”

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Speaking on the declaration of eleigible customers to buy power from the generation company’s that was made recently, Amoha revealed that the system will not fully favor the Discos. He explained why the Association of Nigerian Electricity Distribution Company (ANED) was set to declare force majeure on the policy.

“During the privatization, there was an agreement that the discos will have exclusivity in service. To generate revenue and pay cost of energy we receive from the grid.

“Now if part of the exclusive area is now being taken off, there will be a big problem. However, an arrangement is being worked out how it will benefit both the disco and those that will benefit from the eligible customer regime. However, it is because we are not able to get enough from the grid to meet our demands.

“Our demand is about 2000 megawatts but we get just 300-400MW. So they are looking for ways of generating their own power to sell to people that need them. It is a complex thing and we are working out something. The government meant well so that we can have incremental power.

“But in Eko, I am not sure we have issues surrounding that because some areas like Lekki, Ikoyi, Surulere already get 24 hours supply once we have supply from the grid. Once government is able to maintain capacity to wheel power from the grid, even the 6,600MW now wheeled is not enough because what generation companies can produce now is up to 12, 000 MW.

“Even if they want to generate up to 12, 000, we will then have enough capacity then, we will have enough power. Work is ongoing to expand the wheeled capacity.”

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