This Electric Bus Feat Maybe The Death of Fossil Driven Vehicles

This Electric Bus Feat Maybe The Death of Fossil Driven Vehicles

A Proterra electric bus has set a new record for the greatest distance traveled by an electric vehicle on a single charge: 1,101.2 miles. You should, however, note that this distance was done with a 40-foot long bus.

The Catalyst E2 Max bus was driven to the Navistar Proving Grounds in Indiana. The vehicle managed to cover 1,772.2 kilometers (1,101.2 miles) before its battery pack ran out of power, breaking the record for the longest distance traveled by an electric vehicle on a single charge.

The 40-foot bus was outfitted with a 660 kWh battery pack for the trial — the equivalent of 11 Chevy Bolts — and according to the company, it could be back at full capacity in just an hour using Proterra’s high-speed charging system.

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Before this new record was set, the record holder was set by Schluckspecht E a light duty passenger EV which is 46 times lighter than the catalyst E2 max which is heavy duty vehicle

With the drive for a reduction in the level of dependence on the use of fossil fuels. Vehicles driven by renewable sources of energy have been on an increase. Several countries are currently undergoing a restructuring such that in the next 5 years we would see more of cars that do not rely on fossil fuels.

Energy Efficiency as Underlying Solution to Energy Deficiencies

We cannot deny the distinct advantages electric vehicles over traditional options.

Electric buses offer up a lower cost-per-mile than their gas-powered equivalents, and electric drive chains have fewer moving parts, which should mean that repairs are less frequent and maintenance costs are reduced.

These advantages should provide a market option that many would quickly adapt. But the bigger question here is when would Nigeria expand its technology to embrace such development.

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