Electricity Theft; Why You Should Blow Your Whistle

Electricity Theft – Why You Should Blow Your Whistle

Speculations & discussions on electricity theft have dominated the power sector of late. It’s no news that the power sector is serving Nigeria below expectations. Even with the privatization, it may seem to be that all was done was a naming ceremony.

While some DisCos do not look like improving anytime soon, some do seem genuinely interested in making a change. A few of these have stepped up plans to curb electricity theft by introducing a whistleblower and incentives program. So now you actually get paid for reporting electricity theft and corrupt practice.


In the Meanwhile, the federal government has mandated all DisCos to ensure all its customers are metered and we can see this being done albeit, at a remarkably slow pace. The questions still remain what difference will any of these make if after Meter installation majority of the consumers go ahead to bypass these meters.

Electricity Theft in Banks: Stealing Beyond Public Funds?


It is very easy to ignore reporting theft. We feel that these Discos are ripping us with estimated bills and poor customer service. Theft primarily affects the Discos and the losses they suffer does not affect us immediately. But let us not see this as a favor to the Discos. We need to become selfish enough to report theft because these losses translate into a continuation of poor service, a dilapidated infrastructure of power distribution facilities and even a delay in the installation of pre-paid meters. If that isn’t enough persuasion, you can simply report theft just to earn a few extra bucks, remember reporting one culprit of electricity theft can earn you up to 10,000 NGN.

Why Electricity Theft Should Bother You

We as citizens of Nigeria have the right to power supply so we shouldn’t feed these distributors with excuses to be ineffective. How then can we achieve the goal of¬†constant power supply if we do not play our part?

Several DisCos such as PHED and Ikeja Electric have launched several whistleblowing platforms. Let’s try and participate to ensure all grounds are covered. Reports of theft, corruption, vandalism are all welcome.

To report theft for PHED call 09085555055 or visit www.s4report.com to log in a complaint.

To report theft for Ikeja Electric call 08008476337

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