How Feasible Is The Meter Bypass Fine By NERC

How Feasible Is The Meter Bypass Fine By NERC?

During the recent NERC forum consultations that took place in several states, one reoccurring issue was a mandate for DisCos to boost their metering program and also the resulting effect electricity theft has on the power supply chain. So it was no surprise to see that a regulation is currently being finalized to impose a fine on defaulters.

So be warned! If you bypass your meter, you are liable to pay up to #450,000. Mainstream media puts that as the amount but in actual sense, the fine has a range of #50,000 – #450,000 depending on the gravity of the offense. This is in no doubt a good step in the right direction. The amount of loses being accrued by discos is contributing to the crippling power sector.

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If NERC has mandated the DisCos to ensure its customers are metered then it is only right for them to make regulations that would allow for losses due to electricity theft to be minimized.

However, this poses a big question. If consumers are unable to pay for their consumption. What is the guarantee that they would pay this fine? Police? court order? It is one thing to place a fine on an offense, it is another thing to ensure the offenders pay. The issuance of this fine would it rest solely on the shoulders of the DisCos?

Electricity theft is a crime punishable by law and its every form should be frowned at. You can log in any report on or call 09085555055.

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