Massive meter bypass in Rukpakwulosi Port Harcourt

Massive meter bypass in Rukpakwulosi Port Harcourt

Electricity theft is a criminal offence where power is being consumed without due payment. Electricity theft contribute to the many factors why DisCos continue to calculate more losses than profit and this in the long run affects the crippling power sector.

Daswon Hotel, Port Harcourt Implicated In Electricity Theft Scandal

In Rukpakwulosi, a popular community in Port Harcourt, several houses have been found bypassing their meter. Thousands of Naira being lost in revenue. Some of these houses are exposed to danger as sometimes the disconnection is done crudely.

We should all come together and curb theft in all its form. Theft is theft. Blow the whistle by calling or texting  09085555055. Reports can be done anonymously.

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