Nigerians to Use Electric Cars by 2018

Nigerians to Use Electric Cars by 2018

With countries like UK, Germany, France taking the lead to phase out the use of combustible energy one is left to wonder at what point Nigeria would take up such initiatives. By the year 2040 would we have become a major player in the use or even manufacture of electric vehicles or would we become a dumping ground?

An indigenous company Nigus Enfinity is positive in her plan to introduce electric vehicles into the Nigerian market by 2018. A local assembly plant for electric vehicles would be ready by 2020.

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The chairman of Nigus Enfinity Prince Malik Ado Ibrahim is famous for being the first African to lead the Formula 1 Team global race car competition in 1999. He says this venture is being facilitated by a partnership with Build Your Dreams of China.

In as much as this sounds great, we should not be afraid to ask the questions we have. How affordable would these cars be? If we cannot afford to power our homes, how then can we power these cars? How willing would the Government be to invest?

This opens the door for other opportunities such as charging stations, battery leasing, increased interest in renewable energy.

Mercedes, Tesla, BMW, Volvo, have made it clear that by next year all their cars will no longer be combustion engine cars. As at June 2017,  Elon Musk of Telsa unveiled the world’s cheapest electric car, which was priced at N11 million.

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