No More Estimated Bills! Now You Can Get Exactly How Much Power You Consume.

At one point you’ve gotten mad at a “NEPA official” for unlawfully cutting you off or for wrongly estimating your bills.  While it is taking electricity consumers longer than expected to embrace the power sector privatization (i.e there is no more Nepa), what consumers have been quick to notice is the apparent lack consistency when it comes to estimating electricity bills. Every week, thousands of electricity consumers flock to the Distribution companies social media pages to berate them for this practice. The argument often made by the DisCos is that the consumer does not understand how these bills are calculated, hence has no idea what his/her electricity bills should amount to. This is somewhat correct without the use of an energy calculator.

Why overestimated bills will never stop!

However, this might just be a thing of the past, with Spark media officially launching the first of its kind energy bill calculator. The web app called My E-Padi is the accurate electricity bill calculator found anywhere in the country as it is calibrated differently for each distribution company based on their tariffs for R2 customers. This means that now someone under AEDC can accurately calculate his bills and get a different result than someone from PHED.

The energy calculator also factors in the 60/40 rule which indicts electricity consumers to only foot 60% of their total bills per month.

So you don’t have to argue anymore about your electricity bills, simply use the energy calculator and discover what exactly you’re paying for, or in most cases, overpaying for.

To use My E – Padi, simply visit or click here.

Tomide Adeyeye

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