PHED Whistle Blowing Platform & Incentives

PHED Whistle Blowing Platform & Incentives

The Port Harcourt Electricity Distribution Company has introduced incentives to its whistleblowing platform. This would enable customers to be rewarded for reporting illegal and unethical activities. In a manner not too dissimilar to EFCC whistleblower programme, this new initiative is being put in place to curb the high rate of corrupt practices (both from consumers and officials) in the power sector.

How To Report Electricity Theft

You can report electricity theft by calling a secured line 09085555055 or visiting This web app allows you to report several categories from theft, corruption to general complaints.

Customers can now confidentially report matters bordering on fraud, bribery, extortion, energy theft through illegal connections, vandalism and all actions detrimental to electricity services. After verification of the reported case, you stand to gain up to 10,000 Naira and several other commendations.

To learn more about why you should report electricity theft, kindly read the article below.

Why Electricity Should Bother You!




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