Politician and Others Implicated in Electricity Theft

Politician and Others Implicated in Electricity Theft

No one is against the law. It also seems that everyone is capable of stealing. Following the ole series, we have seen several categories of people involved in electricity theft. From banks to hotels and now politicians. These are people who cannot claim ignorance of the crime and the law.

Massive meter bypass in Rukpakwulosi Port Harcourt

While some will argue if electricity theft is deserved or not, DisCos are stepping up to quell such arguments by introducing an incentive plan for whistleblowers. One of the stories in this video implicates a prominent politician in Port Harcourt. His house was illegally connected to feed on two different feeders.

It isn’t only financial crimes that we should blow the whistle for, let’s  blow the whistle on these electricity crimes by calling or texting  09085555055. Reports can be done anonymously. Remember you get can now get paid up to 10,000 for reporting electricity thieves. Click here, to find out more or click here to report electricity theft, vandalism, corrupt practice or power outages today.

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