The Solar Powered Paper That Can Charge Phones

The Solar Powered Paper That Can Charge Phones

In this century, being connected in almost always important. Data and information can be accessed on the go via our mobile devices. Unfortunately, phone batteries cannot hold its full charge for the whole day. The next alternative is carrying around charger packs or power banks which are highly inconvenient. People living in areas with epileptic power supply makes that much more stressful and puts a strain on your gadgets.

But a Chicago-based firm has now designed a super-thin, lightweight panel called Solar Paper capable of charging an iPhone in two hours and multiple panels can be combined to boost its power.

The solar paper charger comes in four versions – 2.5W, 5W, 7.5W and 10W – depending on the output needed for various devices. And the different sizes are created by combining individual 2.5W panels together. For example, a single 2.5W panel will charge an iPhone 6 or Galaxy S3 in five hours. The 5W version charges the same devices but cuts charging time to two hours, or three hours when the weather is cloudy.

The 5W version costs $148 (N54,000). This is created by combining individual 2.5W panels. This device can charge your iPhone or Galaxy S3 in 5 hours.

The 7.5W model of this product can charge in the same amount of time as the 5W but can charge the phone even on a cloudy day. Where this is no direct sunlight for the charge.

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The last and most powerful model is the 10W version. This product would generally be used for tablets such as the galaxy note or the Ipad Air. Each model weighs 60g and are 1.5mm. thick.

Other features include a unique auto-reset function which stops and starts the Paper charging when cast with a shadow or placed in sunlight – other solar-powered devices need to be reconnected each time.

It also has a low-energy LCD screen that displays the amount of power the Solar Paper generates in real time.

The creator of this great technology Claim (Yolk) “We have the world’s top technology making highly efficient solar panels.”

This technology is the world lightest and thinnest solar panel charger. These panels have revolutionized how we conduct our business and allow us to charge our devices whenever and wherever we go with convenience.

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