Drama as KEDCO finally disconnects Army officer’s residence


Drama as KEDCO finally disconnects Army officer’s residence

Officials of Kano Electricity Distribution Plc. (KEDCO) yesterday disconnected power supply to the residence of one Lieutenant Gashash, after several attempts to carry out their lawful duty of disconnecting defaulters hit a brick wall.

A statement by KEDCO’s spokesman, Muhammad Kandi, said it was discovered that the pre-paid meter mounted in the Lieutenant’s residence at No. 10 Yahaya Kansila street, off Mundubawa Avenue, had been bypassed and had not vended for over two years.

Rather than settle his N800, 000, loss of revenue being the cost of over two years of energy theft, the Lieutenant simply deployed two soldiers to his residence and ordered that no KEDCO official be allowed into his residence, after paying N150, 000, which was of course acceptance of guilt.   

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Kandi said: “A little drama ensued when the officer’s residence was finally disconnected as one of the soldiers on guard appeared in mufti and cling onto the LT wires that had been removed from a pole adjacent to another at the frontage of the house. It was the 4th time that residence was illegally reconnected even though our staff had often left with the wires, so soldiers insisted that they had an order to retain those wires.”

“The soldier, however, released the wires after few minutes of an amicable dialogue with a team of mobile police and members of the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) who are on KEDCO’s task force wedded into the matter,” the firm’s spokesman said.


According to Kandi, “the Lieutenant has also carted away with our newly installed pre-paid meter which was mounted to replace the bypassed PPM, claiming that, he would not accept the new meter.”


He reiterated that “the company will not be intimidated by any individual or organization in carrying out its lawful duties. Non-payment of electricity bill makes it impossible for our company to meet several of its obligations including settling the MO bills, salary payment, and other operational costs. When customers pay their bills promptly, the company will be able to serve them better.”

The KEDCO spokesman insisted that the company has a mandate of disconnecting customers who have arrears of outstanding payments after they have been duly notified, but said the soldiers declined an official disconnection notice served the residence by the company staff earlier.      


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