Why S4Report Is The Best Thing That Has Happened To The Nigerian Power Sector


By now the term privatization means very little to the average Nigerian. Public Infrastructures that have been subverted to private parastatals have seen very little change, talk less of improvements. We who are somewhat in the loop on some of the internal rigors of the power sector understand that this boils down to a case of Same wine, New bottle.  A vast majority of staff and stakeholders in the power sector have remained the same even after privatization. With only a handful of new, motivated people taken the reigns of some aspects of the power sector. One of the key issues since the privatization of the power sector has been electricity theft, this very divisive matter has been a subject of controversy in the power sector.  However, whichever side of the fence you stand on, you cannot deny that the electricity theft does very little good in the long run.

Why Electricity Theft Should Bother You.

Enter S4report.com, this independently developed power sector web app remains the biggest evolution of the power sector, with many even calling it the single most valuable product offering in the sector. This website allows you to report vandals, power outages as well as report electricity theft, and corrupt officials in real time. The DisCos who have begun adopting this app have already seen their service delivery time improve by as much as 63%. Issues that would take weeks to resolve are now being rectified within hours. By creating a platform that allows electricity customers to easily interface with DisCo officials, S4eport represents the biggest leap the power sector has made in years.

It goes beyond creating an interface for electricity customers and officials to interact, this web app gives electricity consumers a voice and is not restricted by location. All 11 DisCos are available on the platform and any consumer from anywhere in the country can contribute.

Word on the street is that a version 2.0 of the web app is on its way which will allow even more features such as live chat with DisCos officials as well as a forum for all electricity consumers to freely communicate and table their complaints all in front of the DisCos who can view all these from their backend access.

S4report isn’t the only groundbreaking development in the power sector. Just last month an independent developer released E-padi, the first of its kind Nigerian electricity bill calculator. This app is by far the most accurate electricity bill calculator ever developed in the Nigerian power sector. It easily surpasses anything offered by any of the discos as its simplistic user interface is built with the electricity consumer in mind. The app which calculates your electricity bill down to the last kobo is a game changer in the decade-old argument on overestimated bills. Now customers can vet the bills they are being given by the DisCos to verify its authenticity.

More and more innovations like these are quickly changing the power sector. The consumers now have access to the tools they can use to demand improvements in the power sector.

S4Report has now partnered with various DisCos to reward people who report electricity theft through its platform. Now reporters will be rewarded financially for reporting electricity theft with as much as 10,000 NGN per report making this undisputedly the best value offering in the power sector for both the DisCos and the consumers.

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We are still far away from achieving the power sector we all deserve but with innovations such as www.S4report.com, we may just be may have the tools to drive the kind of change we want and demand the level of service we require. Afterall, we all are stakeholders in the power sector.

You can also call the S4line on 09085555055 to make reports

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