5 Ways to Reduce Electricity Bills


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So these days, we are looking for ways to save money and cut down on our electricity bills. I would give 5 tips on how we can effectively cut down the bills.

1-Switch to LED(Light -emitting diode) Bulb

A very good way to reduce your electricity bill is to ditch your incandescent light bulbs for LED’s and the cost of even more-efficient LED’s has come down tremendously in recent years. Another positive of LED’s is that they don’t contain any mercury.

2 -Cut Your AC

Air conditioning is a  major electricity hog for a large number of people. How many times have you been somewhere on a hot day in which the air condition was on so high that you had to put on more clothes to warm up? It’s all too common, and maybe you even have the AC set in such a way in your home. Give it some thought. Rather than paying a fortune to freeze yourself, or even to keep it cooler than your body really needs, lower your electric bill by simply raising your thermostat. Our bodies are made to adjust to our surrounding environment. Let your body do its job. And if you want to go even further, turn on a fan to keep cool so that you can turn the temperature on the AC up even further, or can even turn it off altogether. Blowing air on yourself takes a lot less energy than turning hot air into cold air.

3- Do not plug your Appliances when you are not using them

Most of us are guilty of this, we keep things plugged in for hours or even days between the times we actually use them. This includes TVs, computers, DVD players, DVRs, Xbox and Playstation consoles, our air conditioning or heating (when we are out), and much more. These things are then using electricity even when you are not using them.

Simply unplug these things when you aren’t going to use them for several hours or perhaps even days.

4- Ditch your Old Refrigerators

Old refrigerators are huge energy hogs.Keeping them around and using them because it seems like a “waste” not to use them is a huge mistake as they really consume electric power.  Get rid of it!

In fact, if you have multiple fridges of any age, consider scaling back to just one. Refrigerators are big energy consumers and besides, they consume a lot of space.

5-Upgrade Your Electrical Appliances

Due to technological developments, new appliances and electronics are much more energy efficient. If you’ve got a really old electrical appliance, it may save you money to finally upgrade. This goes for TVs, refrigerators, computers,Air-Conditioners, and much more. A big plus for cutting down electricity bills through this method is that you get a newer, better product. Who doesn’t love that?

Although this option requires doing a bit of math to see if the new product or products is/are worth the investment But its worth it,so give it a shot!

So guys these are my top 5 suggestions on how you can cut down on your electricity bills. Its worth giving it a shot.


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