AEDC Set Invest 200 Million In Power Equipment


A recent report states the Abuja Electricity Distribution Company (AEDC) is set to commission 200 Million worth of power equipment in 3 years time.  The Distribution company has been bewildered in a turmoil of accusations from consumers, as to their poor service delivery in the past. Now AEDC seems to be taking steps in the right direction with a plan to step up its Distribution infrastructure.

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The computerized power equipment is said to improve  service delivery as it comprises of the Fluke Ti 300, Fusion Thermography Camera, Flir E60 Infrared Camera, and Megger Avo 410 among others, which the company said were worth N200 million, would help for easy detection of faults, ensure shorter time of resolution of faults and indeed minimization of electrical faults within its jurisdiction.

According to remarks made by the AEDC boss, Ernest Mupwaya, the decision to invest such amount of money was driven by a need to provide the DisCo with the tools to provide stable power supply. These new pieces of equipment allow AEDC monitor how power is being delivered in real time.

“We have other innovative technologies, like Infrared Cameras, these are quite expensive equipment. We use them to inspect; in our inspection we can foresee the areas, which are hotspots; a hotspot are faults, which are trying to manifest. Now with these equipment customers on their side will start seeing shorter time of resolution of faults and minimization of faults,” he said.

“These are equipment with a variety of usage, Portable meters, power quality analyzers, which also have different range of equipment which engineers ordinarily should have.”


The Managing Director, Nigerian Electricity Management Services Agency (NEMSA), Engineer Peter Ewesor, expressed delight at the Abuja Disco’s decision to take the lead in investing in the power equipment. He said that before now NEMSA had to be running after Discos with its equipment with the risk of over usage of the equipment. According to Ewesor, the newly commissioned equipment would serve as a relief to NEMSA because it would be relying more on the equipment acquired by the Abuja Disco.

“Abuja Disco, we know you have equipment that we can trust, that we can believe,” he said.

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AEDC boss then chipped in the usual speech on the dangers of electricity theft lamenting the dangers electricity theft and it’s ultimate long-term effect on the power sector.

This is quite a welcome development provided AEDC keeps its word.


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