An Assessment On DisCos’ Customer Complaint Services


The rate of customer complaints has been on the increase across the distribution companies nationwide. Customers continue to lament over exorbitant bills, poor services, illegitimate disconnections, marginalization, metering issues and power outages amidst others. In an attempt to resolve these persistent issues, customers have devised several methods of airing their grievances and finding solutions to their problem on their own terms, some have employed the use of dialogue, obscene demonstrations, resisting disconnection and in extreme cases, violence.

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The DisCos have in recent times made it known to the general public to always make use of their several complaint channels in filing a complaint, as any other means of conflict resolution, such as embarrassment of their officials, resisting disconnection, physical assaults on staff, blockage of their office premises and violent demonstration would prove futile.

This has led to mammoth crowd at several customer complaints offices nationwide. Several civil rights groups and law firms are now in active business of soliciting on behalf of their clients to their DisCos. The National Electricity Regulatory Commission seems to be more involved in petitioning the DisCos rather than regulatory functions, social media is not left out in all of these, as angry customers latch on their DisCos’ social media platforms to make very disheartening remarks on services rendered.

Some complaints keep re-occurring and have lifespan as long as Methuselah. Customers with peculiar cases are sometimes mistaken for their DisCos staff based on their frequent entrance and exit of their office complexes. NERC, in addressing such issues, has given the DisCos a percentage of complaints they must close monthly which is a function of the amount of complaints they receive within the month, furthermore, NERC also placed a timeline from when a complaint is filed to when a complaint should be resolved depending on the type of complaint.

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In view of this, the DisCos have become pro-active in handling and closing customers complaints, but it seems the more proactive they become, the more they are overwhelmed with these complaints. Then, the questions that come to the mind of the customers are; who is generating these complaints?, why cant it be quickly addressed?, why are these complaints reoccurring? and why do they take forever to be resolved?.

In conclusion, it isn’t a far cry to say that a vast majority of customer complaints are actually recycled and not being closed.

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