NEMSA Commissions Power Testing Equipment

The Nigerian Electricity Management Services Agency (NEMSA) has commissioned different power testing equipment. This is to further reiterate the agency’s determination in monitoring and certifying power installations across the country. The commissioning held at the agency’s headquarters in Abuja, and equipment worth N35 million were commissioned.

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The commissioning was done by the MD/CEO & Chief Electrical Inspector of the Federation, Engr. Peter O. Ewesor. Engr. Ewesor said these equipment would be distributed across the 18 field offices to enhance on-going field inspections for the safe use of power installations. He said;

“The essence is to improve safety and limit occurrences of electrical accidents. The equipment will help to test transformers to ensure the right capacities are delivered by the contractors.”

The equipment includes; 18 pieces of 2.5/2kvThermocool petrol generating sets with engine oil, 6 pieces of ground resistance testers and hybrid battery packs, 15 pieces of cable height detectors, 15 pieces of professional electrical tool boxes of 82 tools, 6 pieces of 1kv insulation & continuity testers, 4 pieces of 2.5kv insulation & continuity testers.

Ewesor noted that the equipment cost over N35 million and that it is working to procure more of them as the agency expands operation. He also noted that when the Area Inspecting Engineers are ill equipped, they cannot perform, thus, the function of enforcement of standards would not be achieved without equipment. He further urged the Area Inspectorate Engineers to ensure that the equipment are used optimally in their field inspections to ensure the safety of lives and property.

The equipment were basically acquired for detecting cable heights, pressure testing, earthing level testing and the generators would be used to power some test equipment used on the field in remote areas where electricity is not available to power the equipment.

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NEMSA noted that the major causes of electrical accidents have been traced to electricity leakage resulting from poor earthing of wiring.

The agency also announced plans to revive good practices that existed during the days of the defunct PHCN such as using Installation Inspectors to check news buildings before they are commissioned to reduce cases of electrical accidents.

“We are working to bring that practice back in the power sector to improve safety practices,” Engr. Ewesor said.


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