No Change Experienced In Power Supply – Obasanjo

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo has said that Nigerians are yet to experience the desired change promised by the Federal Government. The resurgence of the Power sector was one of the key agenda of the present administration during the electoral campaigns, although presently, it still seems to be a key agenda, but it has not yet amounted to increased power supply in the premises of consumers.

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Obasanjo stated this when He spoke at the investiture of Adekunle Mokuolu in Abuja. Engr. Adekunle Mokuolu is the president of the Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE). The former president went further to ask a former Managing Director of the Niger Delta Power Company (NDPC), James Olootu, if the independent power plants in the country have been completed and whether Nigerians now had power in their homes. Mr James Olootu noted that the power plants were 90% completed. Obasanjo urged the NDPC to ensure that Nigerians enjoy value for their money. Obasanjo said;

“Nigerians are in the best position to assess the power situation and not the figure being released by government officials. Let’s hope that the 100 per cent of  the (NIPP projects) will be completed and all of them will be feeding power into our homes. Maybe we will see the change.”

Prior to  now, the NSE had lamented over the decay in infrastructures across the entire country. This was contained in a publication of the society tagged, ‘The Nigerian Infrastructure Report Card 2017’, presented by the immediate past NSE President, Otis Anyaeji, to the Minister of Science and Technology, Dr. Ogbonaya Onu, who represented President Buhari at the occasion. The report says:

“The overall rating of Nigeria’s infrastructure was F1 – Unfit for Purpose. This rating is a further drop by two points from E2 in the previous rating carried out two years ago (2015). This rating generally portrays a perceived decline in the state of Nigeria’s infrastructure.”



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The rating of the NSE on the country’s power infrastructure signified a downward trend from its previous E1 rating level (poor state) to F2 (unfit for purpose: infrastructure has failed or is on the verge of failure, exposing the public to health and safety hazards. Immediate attention required).



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