NSE Declares Country’s Infrastructure as “Unfit for Purpose”

The Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE) has declared the country’s infrastructure as “unfit for purpose”. NSE gave this rating in the 2017 National Infrastructure Report Card Rating and Analysis, which was released at the investiture of Mr. Adekunle Mokuolu as the 31st President of the Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE) in Abuja.

This rating was due to the poor operations and maintenance standards of these infrastructures. The rated  infrastructures cut across various categories, and of all the categories the NSE analysed, only those of the oil and gas sector were relatively seen to be the best performing. The Nigeria Power facilities are included as one of the infrastructures declared unfit for purpose. Before now, there is being an immediate need to improve on the country’s power facilities as it has in numerous ways hindered increased power supply, and hence, this declaration by the NSE is not a far cry.


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According to the report, within the last two years, between 2015 and 2017, Nigeria recorded two points drop in the rating of its infrastructure by the society. Specifically, it stated that the overall rating of the national infrastructure was F1, meaning “unfit for purpose”. According to the report,

“The scope of the National Infrastructure Report Card rating is defined to assess selected infrastructure at national level rather than regional/state-wise. Therefore, the results presented provide a national perspective to the state of Nigeria’s infrastructure systems. The overall rating of Nigeria’s Infrastructure was F1 – unfit for purpose. This rating is a further drop by two points for E2 in the previous rating carried out two years ago (2015). This rating generally portrays a perceived decline in the state of Nigeria’s Infrastructure.”

It also rated the country’s power infrastructure low on progress, adding that it dropped from its E1 rating level (poor state) to F2 (unfit for purpose: infrastructure has failed or is on the verge of failure, exposing the public to health and safety hazards. Immediate attention required), while its security infrastructure was rated F3 (unfit for purpose), its educational infrastructure, F2, its agriculture infrastructure, F1, and its information technology infrastructure, E3, meaning it is on a poor state and on the verge of failure.


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“Expectedly, therefore, participants are key stakeholders or opinion leaders whose input and involvement in the sub-sector is significant enough to be able to influence the provision or public perception of the standard of service or performance of the Infrastructure,” the report further explained.


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