Ever Felt Cheated By Your DisCo? Here’s The Way Out


As an energy consumer, have you ever felt aggrieved about the services you are receiving from your franchised distribution company (DisCo) and you feel like taking laws into your hands?, if yes, please don’t take laws into your hands.

Here are the simple steps at addressing the issue;


Identify The Problem – This is a major step in complaint resolution. As a consumer, you should know exactly in what area you are not satisfied with the services of your distribution company. The problem could range from technical to commercial as the case may be.


Contact the customer Complaints Unit CCU – Relate the problem with your DisCo’s customer complaint unit via the customer complaint officer (CCO). There are various channels in contacting your DisCo’s CCU. One could contact them via the DisCo’s websites, emails, other social media platforms, customer call center, and also through a visit to the CCU’s office.

STEP 3                   

CCU Initiates Investigation – The CCU commences investigation into customer’s claim. In the course of the investigation, there’s a likelihood that the CCO goes to the customer’s premises to ascertain customer’s claims, but such visits are usually complaint specific, as most technical complaints do not require such visits.

After investigations by the CCO, if claims are true, then solutions are proffered based on company’s policies on complaint resolutions. Conversely, if customer seems not to be satisfied with your DisCo’s resolution, then step four to the rescue.


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Customer Appeals To Forum – Through this channel the customer can get the NERC Consumer Forum involved in finding a lasting solution to the complaint.


Forum Considers Appeal – The Forum seeks to validate customer’s claims and ascertain if the DisCo’s resolution is appropriate enough for the complaint. If forum decides that the initial resolution is appropriate then the complaint is flagged with no merit, otherwise, the appeal has merit.


Forum Invites Distribution Company and Customer – Through this avenue a decision is made in the presence of both parties involved. If customer still feels aggrieved after this decision, then he/she can file a petition to NERC.


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Customer Appeals to NERC for Adjudication – This involves filing an official petition, then a hearing, followed by dispute resolutions in accordance with the market rules of the Nigerian Electricity Supply Industry.


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