Man Electrocuted In An Attempt To Vandalize Cables

Calamity recently befell a vandal in Unugwar Mallam area of Zaria, Kaduna State. The yet to be unidentified man was electrocuted while attempting to vandalize a 150mm by 3 core 33KV lines at Water Works Dam Feeder cables in Zaria, property of Kaduna Electric. Vandalism has been an illicit act condemned by all DisCos nationwide. It has become a major cause of prolonged power outages.

Members of the community in Unugwar Mallam area of Zaria identified the body without providing further details about the identity of the deceased. The recovered body has since been taken away by the Nigerian Police.


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A staff of Kaduna Electric in Ungwar Mallam recalled that the community has suffered series of avoidable power interruptions due to the activities of vandals.

“There has been series of community engagements to urge the people to be vigilant by protecting the company’s property and report suspicious activities around the installations”.

Reacting to the incident, the Business Development and Relationship Officer (BDRO) Zaria Area Office, Mal. Masoud Salisu lamented the rate of cases of vandalism and how it has not only affected the business and the community but how it endangers the lives of people involved.

“We have through several media educated our customers on the dangers of tampering with our installations. We have had meetings with traditional rulers, community dwellers and all relevant stakeholders. Tampering with electrical installations when you are not an authorized technician can be fatal. The community suffers because they will be out of supply, the vandal is exposed to danger which will most likely lead to death, as we have just witnessed; and the business suffers revenue losses too.”


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He therefore, called on all community member/customers to desist from such acts, which he said has led to death of many vibrant youths. He added that all suspicious movements around the company’s installations should be reported to any of Service Centers or Police Stations.


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