13 Facts About Meter Asset Provider (MAP) Regulations

13 Facts About Meter Asset Provider (MAP) Regulations:

  1. The Meter Asset Provider Regulations is aimed at the elimination of estimated billing and its attendant challenges in the Nigerian Electricity Supply Industry.
  2. The Regulation is expected to close the metering gap in the Nigerian Electricity Supply Industry within three (3) years of coming into effect.
  3. MAP shall be competitively engaged by electricity distribution companies through a transparent and competitive process. Meters shall be installed at customer premises at the competitive cost approved by the Commission.
  4. Electricity distribution companies shall within 120 days complete the process of engaging Meter Asset Providers based on their respective meter deployment plan and targets set by the Commission.
  5. The current meters being installed by electricity distribution companies are not free as the current tariff being paid by all electricity customers includes a return on the investment on meter assets.
  6. The new regulation provides that customers only pay for metering service charge after the installation of a meter at their premises. Electricity Distribution companies shall create new tariff classes to bring this to effect.
  7. Customers provided with meters under the MAP will pay a metering service charge and a distinct tariff lower than other customers with legacy meters. Discos will be held responsible for closing the metering gap by engaging MAP through an open transparent competitive process.
  8. Under this new regulatory framework, defective meters shall be repaired or replaced free of charge within two working days of being notified, unless the damage was caused by the customer.
  9. Where there is delay in repair or replacement of faulty meter within the billing period, an average of the last three (3) months billing/vending shall be applied for the purpose of determining customer’s energy consumption.
  10. Where a customer relocates within the franchise area, the customers shall apply for transfer of services including applicable credits for energy.
  11. The payment of Metering Service Charge by the customer to the MAPs shall cease upon full amortization of the meter asset over its technical life.
  12. Where a customer elects to pay in full upfront for a meter under MAP, he/she shall be exempt from the payment of Metering Service Charge. Installation of meter at customer premises shall be within ten working days of the receipt of payment.
  13. The MAP regulations shall not over-ride metering contracts entered into by distribution licensee. Existing metering contracts shall transit to the provisions of the Meter Asset Provider regulation after December 31, 2018

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