Youths Give AEDC Ultimatum To Improve Supply

AEDC Calls For Laws Against Vandalism and Power Theft

The managing director of Abuja Electricity Distribution Company (AEDC), Mr. Ernest Mupwaya, has appealed to members of the National Assembly to enact laws against the vandalism of electrical installations and properties of the company as well as power theft.

Mr. Mupwaya bemoaned the persistent issue of electricity theft as well as act of vandalism on property of companies operating under the power sector in the country. He made the appeal while speaking with members of the House of Representative committee on privatization and commercialization that were on an oversight visit to the AEDC corporate headquarters in Abuja.


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The House of Representatives had earlier promised to enact special laws against vandalism of electrical installations and other related activities. The House had pointed the fact that reported cases of vandalism was on an exponential increase. The House further stated that after investigations and submissions are made by its committee assigned for this purpose, the House would move to do the needful.

The number of reported cases of vandalism of electrical installations is on the increase nationwide. This epileptic trend has hitherto hindered the distribution companies in their quest to supply power to their franchised customers. It has also led to prolonged darkness within affected communities. Consequently, the rate of electrocution of these vandals is also on the increase, still the perpetrators of this dastardly act seem not to value their lives.


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Enumerating the challenges faced by the company, Mupwaya identified electricity pilferage and vandalism of power sector assets as some of the key facts hindering growth of the sector. Others include the consumers’ refusal to accept new tariffs despite the devaluation of the naira as well as increasing inflation rate. According to him, until the government ensures that electricity theft and vandalism was considered a threat to national assets and those caught in such acts punished adequately, loss incurred by operators in the sector would constantly be on the increase.


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