How To Find Out If Your Structure Is On Right Of Way


The Federal Ministry of Power, Works and Housing has shown serious commitment regarding the directive on the demolition of existing structures and the prohibition on the erection of new structures under electricity transmission and distribution lines.

In recent times, Government has made several calls against residing and erecting structures under electricity service lines nationwide as this unwholesome act poses serious threat and health hazards to the residents living in such areas. Accidents related to this unwholesome encroachment on the spaces under high tension lines are usually very deadly. This encroachment is majorly due to the relatively cost free nature of such lands.


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Furthermore, in line with the Urban Renewal Programs of some states, these State Governments have made firm declarations on the demolition of structures in the right of way and electricity service lines services is one of the flashpoints in such exercise.

It is on this note that Sparkmedia, has decided to enlighten the general populace on the appropriate set-back (in meters) from electricity service lines during the erection of structures. This is primarily to prevent the imminent destruction of such properties. The electricity service lines include the 330KV and 132KV Transmission lines, 33KV and 11KV High Tension lines.

In line with government directives, when building any structure ensure you abide by the standard building distance below;

Voltage Level                                     Right Of Way in Meters

330KV                                                   50 Meters

132KV                                                   30 Meters

33KV                                                      3.0 Meters

11KV                                                      2.5 Meters


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Builders and Civil Engineers should adhere strictly to such measurements as these set-backs are primarily enacted for the safety and well-being of the residents. It is better to be safe than sorry.


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