Imminent Blackout – GenCos Makes Their Stance Known To The Public

The Electricity Generation companies (GenCos) have made their stance known to the public regarding the rumored industrial action perceived to be taken by for an alleged breakdown in contractual agreements with the Federal Government.

The GenCos have declared that they are not planning to shut down the power supply of the entire country. This was affirmed by the Executive Secretary, Association of Power Generation Companies, Dr. Joy Ogaji when she told correspondent that;


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“We are in the business of power generation. So, don’t you think we cannot disrupt our business? We have not issued any such threat that we are going to shut down power. But it is natural that when we are not being paid, we don’t have money to buy gas to generate power and we cannot pay salaries. So, automatically, the power plants will shut down even without us wanting to shut them down. We have not issued any notice that we are shutting down, but the natural occurrence will happen.”

Asked when the “natural occurrence” could happen, she said, “It is completely out of our control.

“The Nigeria Gas Processing and Transportation Company Limited, which supplies gas to some power plants, has given ultimatum to all the generation companies that use gas, that if they don’t make their contracts effective by paying 100 per cent, they will stop giving us gas. So, if you ask me how soon, it is as soon as the NGPTC is ready to shut off gas to us.”


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“We are owed about N1tn by the (electricity) market. About half of it is owed to gas companies, because it is as we are paid that we pay them (gas suppliers). And in some cases, we even took loans to pay some of them because if you don’t pay, you don’t get gas,” Ogaji added.

Dr. Joy claimed that the Nigerian Bulk Electricity Trader (NBET) had refused to pay the GenCos 100percent. She noted that NBET had made it known to the GenCos that the DisCos are not paying and that the DisCos claim customers are not paying.


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The Minister of Power, Works and Housing had earlier alleged the GenCos of planning to disrupt power supply in the entire country. He said; “Let me say very clearly to all operators that I get reports of many of the clandestine meetings that some of them (Gencos) are holding with a view to disrupting the supply for political capital”.


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