NEMSA Calls For Proper Sanitizing Of DisCos Network

The Nigerian Electricity Management Services Agency (NEMSA) has reiterated the need for the electricity distribution companies (DisCos) to prioritize and effect repair works on the defective parts of their network, particularly those reported to them by their customers. This call was made in its February report on safety rankings of DisCos and Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) in Abuja.

The managing Director, Mr Peter Ewesor stated the importance of clearing faults and hazards from transmission and distribution networks. He noted that the goal is to attain a zero tolerance to accidents. He also frowned at the illicit acts of erecting structures on right of way of power infrastructures.


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Ewesor noted that many unsafe acts are responsible for electrical accidents. They include; poor response to monitored networks and use of substandard materials. He further listed vandalism, total absence of protection devices, non-adherence to safety rules and regulations, inadequate knowledge and ignorance on the part of operators, consumers and the public. He also spoke on the ageing power infrastructures across the country.

He, however, said a total of 266 bad networks had been resolved by the DisCos and TCN, while a total of three fatalities and seven injuries were recorded in the month of February. Ewesor urged operators in the sector to note that NEMSA had set a zero target on electrocution nationwide.

According to him, DisCOs are to also intensify their efforts to revamp and standardize their protection schemes and equipment, educate the general public on the need for extreme caution, while using electricity. He said it was also germane for them to rectify defective networks to prevent electrical accidents and reduce technical losses.


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“Do not build structures or carry out activities under power lines, avoid contact with electric poles, TV antenna poles, conductors and other electrical equipment installed in the open. Avoid staying under trees with conductors running over such trees. Avoid climbing masts constructed close to power lines among other safety measures,’’ Ewesors advised.

He urged Nigerians to report incidences of any fallen electric poles or conductors to the nearest electricity utility company or to any NEMSA office nearest to them.


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