Azura Power Plant fully operational, Adds 450MW To Grid


The three turbines of the Azura Power Plants Edo state which is Nigeria’s first project-financed independent power plant has been successfully synchronized with the national grid and now has a full generational capacity of 450MW.

Prior to now, only one of the turbines had been functional. Presently, the other two turbines GT-12 and GT-13 with generational capacity of 149MW and 150MW respectively have been synchronized to the national grid. This feat was recorded on Friday, 13th April, 2018.


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In December 2017, it was recorded that the Azura power plant was connected on-grid with just one (GT-11) of its three turbines having a capacity of 153MW functioning. The testing and synchronization of the second and third turbines of the gas powered generation plant were reportedly scheduled for completion between January and March 2018. The company had earlier said during the commissioning of the first turbine that, tests on the second turbine will begin at the end of January 2018, with the tests on the third turbine commencing at the beginning of March 2018, and that the inauguration process will then conclude at the end of April 2018 when the plant is scheduled to reach full commercial operations.

This is a huge milestone achieved at scheduled time. This would go a long way in boosting the country’s generation and hence affect the quality of supply to consumers. The Federal Government has shown huge resilience and faith in the completion of the project right from its inception.


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The company explained that the plant is comprised of three Siemens turbines, each of which is capable of producing 153MW and that the first turbine which had been synchronized to the national grid on December 20, 2017, underwent a series of tests during the subsequent five weeks after its commissioning.


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