Easy ways to Reduce Your Electricity Bills

In the times we live in, everyone is looking for a way to save money. A good place to start is with the Electricity bill. By making a few changes to your home, electrical appliances, and some habits, you will see the amount of money spent on power reduce.

What to do has been divided into two parts; heavy hitters and quick fixes.


Heavy Hitters

These are things which can be done to reduce your bill and help save money but require a substantial amount of money spent first. In the long run, they will keep electricity bills at a minimal and have you pocketing spare cash every month.

  • Install Solar Panels or go for a Windmill:

This might not work for everyone due to its cost (which is a one-off thing) but it’s a great option for your wallet and the environment. Either option will not just help cut your electricity bill but cost on buying fuel (petrol or diesel) for your generators too.

Before installing either one, ensure you have adequate exposure to sunlight (for solar panels) or that you live in an area where wind speed gets up to 13-16 kilometres per hour (for the windmill). Purchase and installation cost about ₦300,000 & ₦350,000 respectively.

  • TradeIncandescent bulbs for CFL & LED bulbs

Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL) & Light-Emitting Diodes (LED) are not only brighter than incandescent bulbs but are also more efficient. They use less energy to produce brighter light and also last longer than their archaic cousins. CFL & LED bulbs use 90% less energy; this can cut your electricity bill by 75-80%. Also, they last 10-40 times longer meaning replacing them won’t be as frequent as incandescent bulb, more money is saved.



  • Install Dimmers

Dimmers are also a great way to help cut the bill down. You can change light switches of the frequently used lightening points to dimmers. Having them set at 80% will have the room bright while also reducing energy consumption which reduces your bill. It could also help set the mood right.


  • Frequently Maintain your AC, Fridge & Freezer

Air conditioners, fridges and freezers are electrical appliances which require lots of power to work. To reduce your bill and have them working efficiently, regularly maintain them. Regular maintenance helps them work efficiently meaning they won’t have to work harder than required. This leads to less power to function properly.


  • TradeOld Appliances for New Ones (Energy Star Models)

If your appliances are over 10 years old, you should consider replacing them with newer ones (Energy Star Models). The newer models consume considerably less power meaning you’ll reduce your bill while having your appliances doing the same thing.

  • Insulate your roof

This may sound weird but it helps cut down your bill too. Insulating your roof keeps temperature change at a minimal. That means, on very hot days your house won’t be as hot as outside and your AC doesn’t have to be switched on for too long.


Quick fixes

These are free but require breaking old habits. They don’t require any amount of money being spent but they require consistency.

  • Switch off appliances and light bulbs when not in use.
  • Use fans. Fans help circulate air, this means your air conditioners don’t have to work round the clock. You can intermittently switch between the fan and the air condition.
  • Do not use your fan and AC at the same time.
  • Shield your house from the sun by using blinds or curtains. This prevents heat from coming into the house and reduces how often you’ll need to keep the AC running.
  • Do not put uncovered food or drinks in the fridge. Uncovered food and drinks go through condensation which results in the fridge working harder.
  • Allow food to cool before putting them in the fridge or freezer. Putting hot food in the fridge or freezer requires it to work harder as it increases the interior temperature.
  • If you own a washing machine or a dishwasher, run them at full load as running with smaller load requires the same amount of energy.


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