Things To Do While Embarking On Electrical Installation Or Replacement


Before embarking on any electrical installation or replacement of defective/faulty power equipment, you are reminded to note the following:


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  • Study, understand and interpret the approved design and electrical drawings.
  • Conduct hazard/risk analysis.
  • Ensure compliance with regulations, standards, specifications, safety procedures/measures, work permit etc
  • Arrange, select and position the right quality, standards and specific power equipment appropriately and at the right places (e.g planting of treated wooden electric pole on land and concrete electric pole in swamping area etc).
  • Remember to use only electrical materials and equipment certified by the Standard Organization of Nigeria (SON) for your electrical installations.
  • Engaged only certified Electrical Installation Contractors/Engineers, Technologists and Technicians for any category of your electrical installation (installation in buildings, hazardous locations etc).
  • For your safety, that of your neighbours and property, do not use untrained and unskilled technical safety or labour for carrying out electrical installations, repairs and maintenance works on power systems and public networks.
  • Do not overload power systems equipment; handle electrical equipment with wet hand and/or dry clothes on electrical wires/live lines.


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