SparkMedia Reads You Your Rights And Responsibilities As An End User

Power consumers- who happen to be the last in the power supply chain, are by law entitled to some certain benefits; these rights are synonymous to consumer protection policies of the power industry. It’s in similar light that the same power consumers are saddled with certain responsibilities.

Both the rights and responsibilities of the consumers are legally backed by the laws of the power sector regulator. The major challenge is that most consumers are unaware of their privileges as well as their duties; similarly, quite a few of them that are unable to differentiate between their rights and their responsibilities.

There’s no doubt that clarity on the issue is needed to perfectly enlighten power consumers, and that’s why SparkMedia is bringing these regulations to the fingertips of the end users. It’s going to be an eye opening experience as we read you your rights; nevertheless, you are not under arrest.


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The Rights goes thus;

  • Right to transparent billing
  • Right to accurate and properly installed meter
  • Right to prompt investigation and resolution of complaints
  • Right to due process before disconnection
  • Right to improved service delivery
  • The right to consumer education

Following this trend, it is very evident that the customer is king and should be treated as such, but with great power comes great responsibilities. In the same vain, there are civil duties expected to be performed by the customers to keep the system balance and prevent imminent collapse.


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These Responsibilities goes thus;

  • Pay your bills on time
  • Report electricity theft
  • Do not bypass your meter
  • Call your disco if you did not get a bill
  • Wire your house with the right cables

In summary, as a power consumer, if you see something, say something.

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