5 Washing Machine Energy Saving Tips

Don’t you love the luxury washing machines offer? We obviously do, doing laundry is a very much despised chore. It takes a lot of energy to get all those dirty clothes clean while hand-washing but having washing machines have reduced the stress that comes with doing laundry. However, around 10 percent of your energy use goes to the washing machine. The increasingly rise of electricity bills makes it relevant to have a grip on how to use the washing machine more efficiently to reduce your electric bills. Front-loaders are typically one of the most efficient washer types because they use less water and their drum spins faster and extracts more water, shortening dryer time. The type without an agitator, are top-loaders. Regardless of the type of washing machine you make use of, there are ways to trim down your energy costs

• Utilize the washing machine settings: Washing machines come with plenty of customizable options for each wash cycle. They are designed to ensure that your clothes are cleaned efficiently depending on the type of material. Assuming you are washing delicate materials, heavy items or wool, there is appropriate cycle option you can choose from. To save on your energy cost it is great to have your washing machine on cold water setting. Energy is consumed more when the water is to be heated before washing the clothes. Simply switching your wash machine temperature setting from hot to warm can cut down your energy costs in half for each load of clothes. A more efficient option is to switch to cold water rinse setting.
• Load your washing machine fully: It is ideal to fill your washing machine to the brim while doing your laundry. Often times, we underload rather than overload their washing machines. Modern washing machines come with sensors to ensure that they are more water efficient, one wash cycle still consumes a similar amount of energy. But when you wash a full load of clothes, less energy is consumed when compared to washing two smaller loads of clothes. Loading the washing machine to the capacity helps to reduce the electric bills.
• Switching to a more Energy Efficient Washing Machine: How is the energy efficiency rating of your current washing machine? Modern washing machines are far more efficient. They use less water and power. When buying a new washing machine look out for the energy star level.
• Buy a front loading washing machine: There are basically two types of washing machines: top load and front load. When you decide to update your washing machine to a more energy efficient one, consider front load. The front-loading washing machine uses third less water than top-loaders, reducing water and heating costs. The cycle runs fast to reduce your energy bills too.
• Adjust the wash cycle: Adjusting the wash cycle to match the size of the load and the type of clothes being washed helps to save water and energy, hence, reduces your energy consumption.

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