6 Reasons Why Your Air Conditioner Is Causing You High Electric Bills

If you are living in this part of the world I’m sure you are already used to the very harsh weather condition. It is a relief to have fans and air conditioners that can keep one cool all day in the office or at home. But do you know there are ways you are running your air conditioners that skyrocket your electric bills? Air Conditioners consume a lot of energy, a loss in efficiency will cause high electric bills. The common mistakes you are making while running your air conditioner may be the reason there is an undercut of its efficiency, effectiveness or even the lifespan of the product.

What are you doing wrong?

1. Dirty Filters:    This is a common mistake; we just forget to clean our air conditioners during those cleanup exercises, maybe because we are too lazy to or don’t think it matters. Well, it very much matters, air filters keep your home air handler, ducting, and indoor coil clean. If they are not replaced routinely, debris will start to build up in them restricting airflow through your ductwork. When air is restricted, it now takes longer to cool your home down.  And increased run times causes your electric bills to become high because of overheating motors and compressor.  Change your filters at least once every three months or once a month depending on how often it runs.


2. Duct Leaks: Check out for leaks on your duct. A duct leak reduces the ability of the air conditioner to allow air to flow and satisfy your thermostat. If this action is taking longer and harder, this causes high electric bills. So proper airflow is important for your air conditioner to be more efficient and last longer.


3. No maintenance: To run your air conditioner efficiently and prevent possible breakdowns, maintenance is necessary. This is could be once a month, every three months or annually, depends on how often you can afford to.

Note: Do not run the routine checkup yourself, get a qualified technician who has the necessary tools to check the condition and performance of the air conditioner.


4. Bad Installation: Bad installation could also be one of the reasons you are getting a high electric bill. The technician that installed your air conditioner might have over-sized the unit, causing it to short cycle and kick on and off rapidly. This will cause high electric bills because air conditioners use the most energy at startup and are more efficient when the startups are reduced. Other problems from bad installations could be missing parts, bad electrical connections, bad brazing and welding, and non-sealed duct connections. Also, bad installation can lead to breakdowns aside from high electric bills.


5. Cooling Empty Rooms: Having extra rooms in your home doesn’t mean you should leave the  AC vents in every room turned on, and they probably might not be in use on a day-to-day basis. Turning off the air conditioners in those unoccupied rooms is a step toward reducing the amount of energy that will be consumed at the end of every month.


6. Old Air conditioners: Using air conditioners beyond their lifespan reduces its efficiency. These air conditioners become expensive to run because some of the units are old and have rusted out, or are under-maintained. They will start to take longer to run and causes high electric bills too. Replace if you can or use other alternatives like a fan to cool your home.

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