Metering All Customers Is Mission Impossible – Expert

Mr Kola Adesina – the Group Managing Director of Sahara Power Group, has stated that it is impossible to meter all power customers in Nigeria. He made this disclosure while speaking at the maiden Power sector Roundtable organised by Sahara Power Group Ltd in Lagos on Thursday.

He said; “When I hear argument about metering, I wonder. I wondered because we argued about what should come last to come first. Estimated billing is a universal phenomenon, it is not a Nigerian thing. Everyone should not assume that it is only in Nigeria that you don’t have meters. It is definitely and certainly impossible for the universe as we have it today to be metered. That’s the reality.”


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DisCos Seeks Increment In CAPEX To Cover Metering Gap

The Association of Nigeria Electricity Distributors (ANED) disclosed that the electricity distribution companies would require about N299billion to close the 4.1million metering gap. ANED made this disclosure during a public hearing on the Bill to Criminalise Estimated Billing at the National Assembly in Abuja.

Consequent to this, the DisCos are seeking for an increase in capital expenditure (CAPEX) window, as well as special mobile courts to swiftly tackle cases of energy theft and meter bypass. The DisCos also affirmed to the National Assembly that on their own part that they are also making huge investments in providing meters for their customers and cutting down those on estimation.


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NERC License 8 New Companies To Participate In MAP Scheme

The Nigeria Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) has made an addition of 8 new companies to the previously licensed 22 companies that are scheduled to participate in the procurement of prepaid meters in the Nigeria Electricity Supply Industry (NESI).

This disclosure was made by the Head of Media Unit, Vivian Mbonu, on Thursday in Abuja, where she affirmed that the total number of licensed firms to participate now stands at 30 firms.

The Eight newly approved companies to work with the DisCos for the procurement and installation of meters are;

  • Carlin Concept International Nigeria Limited
  • One Nation Energy Platform Nigeria Limited
  • Armese Consulting Limited
  • Powerup Projects International Limited
  • Esinos Resources International Limited
  • Techadvance Limited
  • CWG plc
  • Damtaq Limited


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Power Sector Losses For 2018 Rise To N201.3bn – Report

The loss trajectory of the Nigeria Power Sector for the year 2018 has been on the increase since January. Recent reports from the office of the Vice President showed that the financial losses from 1st January to 5th June, 2018 have risen to N201.3bn.

The Data from the Advisory Power Team in the Vice President’s office in Abuja on Wednesday revealed that the industry lost about N1.7bn on June 5, 2018 alone due to insufficient gas supply to power generation companies and the non-availability of distribution and transmission infrastructure. Similarly, that between January 1 and May 5 this year, the power sector lost about N154bn as a result of the unavailability of gas, distribution and transmission infrastructure hitches as well as water reserve challenges.


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TCN’s Control On Sustainable Electricity Supply

In recent past, various commitments in terms of funding have been made by the Federal Government on the power sector as a whole. Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution have individually benefited from these resources.

Recently, some experts have advised that the sustainability electricity supply across the federation lies on the hands of the Transmission Company of Nigeria, which is still presently owned by the Nigeria Government.


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