How to be more Energy-Efficient in the Kitchen

Everyone wants to save on their monthly electricity bills.  From turning off your lights to changing from the regular bulbs to energy efficient bulbs. Do you know how to be more energy efficient while cooking in the kitchen?  I bet you didn’t know there are tips to be considered if you are keen on saving money and energy while cooking in the kitchen.  When you think energy efficiency in the kitchen, your first thought should about the appliances, but note energy savings can also come from how you use them.  The cost of cooking accounts for about 4% percent of the average gas and electricity bill. So changing the way you cook as well as using energy-efficient cooking appliances can reduce the amount of energy you use and cut your energy bills in the process. It is important to understand your cooking habits and recognize that energy efficient kitchen appliances might not help you much if you don’t know how to use them properly.  Learning these tips can actually make your cooking easier while saving you time too. Below are the ways to save energy, cut down your electricity bills while cooking.



  1. Use the correct sized Pots and Pans:  When cooking on an electric cooker, using the right size pan matters.  If your pan is only 6 inches and you are cooking on an 8-inch burner, over 40% of your heat will be wasted. Using the right pans and pots will not only help you cook more even evenly but save you money on your electric bill.
  2. Chose the right Appliance: If you are cooking small quantities of food in your oven, think alternatives, like a toaster oven, microwave oven, or slow cooker. To use a microwave oven instead can save as much as 80% less energy when heating than a standard oven.  It is important to find the right balance. Often, smaller appliances are the best choice. Opting to use a toaster instead of a full oven means you will use less energy to cook the same meal.
  3. Reduce Overall Cook Time: The less time you spend cooking, the less energy you use. Choosing energy efficient methods, reduces your cooking time. Try defrosting frozen items in the refrigerator before you start to cook. Instead of using the microwave or oven, plan ahead and take it out of the refrigerator long before you start to cook.  Do not cover your oven racks with foil. Improve airflow and reduce cook time by staggering multiple pans, wait until the last minute to preheat the oven. Avoid opening the oven door to check too often. It does not only waste energy but is also a poor cooking practice.
  4. Use Countertop Appliances: Invest in a pressure cooker or slow cooker, these methods are not only energy efficient but the easiest. There are a variety of appliances that save you energy and make your life easier.
  5. Upgrade your Kitchen Appliances: Upgrading your kitchen appliances to an energy efficient model is a hack that will save you more money in the long run, rather than having energy sucking vampires. An A + rated oven will consume up to 40% less than one which has been awarded a B   Choose wisely.


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