DISCO Disconnects Imo State Govt House Over N200m Debt

 The Enugu Electricity Distribution Company (EEDC), have disconnected all power supplies to the Imo State Government House and state secretariat over the N200m debt owed by the Imo State Government. Angered by this disconnection by EEDC, the state government has commenced moves to demolish the EEDC office in Owerri, the Imo State Capital. Mr. Emeka Ezeh, the spokesman of the EEDC, has confirmed the disconnection earlier to New Telegraph and added the intention of the company was not to make the disconnection a media issue. And also made known his regret that EEDC office in Owerri is already marked for demolition by the state government.  It was also confirmed that the ISOPADEC communities in Oguta and Ohaji Egbema were also in darkness due to indebtedness to EEDC. “The state also takes care of the bills of the Imo State Producing Area Development Commission (ISOPADEC) communities and for a long time now those communities in Oguta and Ohaji Egebema have also been disconnected because their bills have not been settled. And these bills are heavy and no company can continue to operate under such huge deficit. We are still open to any discussion that can ameliorate the situation for all concerned”, he stated.

Nigerian Engineers Urged to Drive Energy Efficiency

Professional engineers have been urged to fashion out innovative solutions that will enable Nigerians to enjoy the benefits of renewable energy, towards curbing the nation’s energy crisis. Adekunle Mokuolu, the president of the Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE), has stressed on the importance of improved energy sector to the nation’s Gross Domestic Products (GDPs) at the public lecture and induction of new members organized by the Apapa Branch of the Society at the Lagos Airport Ikeja. In a statement, he said that many companies are moving out of the country predominantly as the result of the energy issue, and this is causing the government to lose income. He further urged young engineers to be part of the supply chain, using their technical expertise by getting acquainted with companies involved in solar panels and investing in assets, not liabilities.

$6bn Mambilla Power Project Faces Grid Delivery Hurdles

 Investigations have revealed that the Federal Government lacks a proportionate plan for the Mambilla hydropower project on which about $6 billion investments have been committed on, the transmission of 3,050 MW was expected to be delivered by this biggest hydropower project in the country.
Further reports also revealed that the $5.79 billion project, expected to be completed in six years has overcome the funding hurdle  with $4.92 billion commitment from the Chinese Exim Bank and other Chinese lenders, and it was expected to deliver over half of the country’s power generation through the same obsolete national system grid, which has become epileptic over the years.
Expressing disdain over the abandonment of the super -grid scheme, an alternative smaller megawatt capacity grid’s model, Nnaji stated that the Mambilla project could be delivered through the current obsolete national grid without having the installation suffering total collapse and damage.

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