Engineers Seek Solution to Metering Problems


The Nigeria Society of Engineers (NSE) has called for an immediate solution to the issue of metering. The assistant Manager, Networks, and Engineering Standards, NSE Apapa Branch, Mr.Tasiu Gidari-Wudii, disclosed the efforts to save the situation by setting up a committee to investigate fraudulent activities with regard to metering. He stated at the event themed: Effective  Metering in Nigeria: A Win-Win Approach’ that only 46 percent of customers of distribution companies (Discos) are metered and only three Discos have metered up to 50 percent of their customers.  According to Gidari-Wudi, it will take 20 years to close the metering gap, and that gap and losses were part of the reasons for privatization of the power distribution sector, as customers were made to pay for meters by NEPA/PHCN without getting them.


Energy Investments Face Complex Regulatory Process under Federalism

The Senate Committee on Energy Chairman Sherwin T.Gatchalian stated that the energy sector or the investments eyed to sustain the electricity or oil needs of the country had not been clearly tackled in the proposed federalism measure.  In the proposed measure, Gatchalian stressed, there is no clarity yet in the set-up what will likely happen if the national and local levels will share that power. He further cited that if there is one power plant selling capacity to different regions, it will trigger more perplexities to investors if they will be confronted with different electricity rate-setting formulas across the federal regions. According to Gatchalian he emphasized approaching the proffered federalism set-up “cautiously”, primarily due to critical concerns such as those on targeted capital flows in the energy sector as these are badly needed to sustain the county’s economic viability.

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