BPE Recommends Body to Tackle Power Sector Challenges


The Bureau of Public Enterprises (BPE) has recommended the setting up of a central body to act as a clearing house for all the challenges faced by operators and stakeholders in Nigeria’s privatized electricity market. However, it pointed out that the recommendation of such an impartial body would not take away the regulatory jobs of the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC), but complement its mediatory responsibilities. Mr. Alex Okoh, the BPE’s Director General, noted the setting up of such central body to act as a clearing house and perhaps storekeeper of suggestions on how to move past the sector’s challenges was one of the proposals the agency had made.  In addition, he said the BPE considered this a good option because it was more in the center of the relationship between the power operators and the government.  According to him, he said the option of the Federal Government to revoke and resell shares of core investors in companies it had privatized was off the table.





Federal Government issues Water Use License to KHEDCO

The Federal Government has issued the Water Use License to the Kano Hydro and Energy Development Company (KHEDCO), to enable it to boost the country’s electricity. Reuben Habu, the Executive Director of Nigeria Integrated Water Resources Management Commission (NIWRMC) issued the license recently in Abuja and affirmed that the firm had met with the technical requirements.    One of the Water Use License issued is for 10MW Tiga Hydroelectric Power Plant Station located at Babeji Local Government Area of Kano state.  While the second water use license is for 6MW Challawa Hydroelectric power plant station located in Karaye, Kano State.





Kwara Assembly Seeks Law against Arbitrary Electricity Billing

The Kwara State House Of Assembly has urged the National Assembly to hasten action on the passage of a bill that will criminalize arbitrary billing system in the country. The report by Hon. Mathew Babaoye, the chairman, House of the committee has stated how the Bill would go a long way to curb sharp practices in the energy sector. While speaking to the House, Dr.Ali Ahmad, hammered on the need for a  political will to address the problems in the power sector, the challenges bedeviling the nation. The House urged Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company to always ensure that estimated billings given to consumers in Offa and its environs commensurate with the power supply to the community. And further appealed to the leaders of Offa Community, not to quit IBEDC service.










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