How To Recharge Pre-Paid Meters

Recharging pre-paid meters is something almost every energy consumer deals with. Whether you already have one installed in your home or would sometime in the nearest future, knowing how to recharge and check your balance as well, is vital and can save you a lot of stress.

One benefit of pre-paid meters is that it enables you to regulate the amount of electronic energy you consume and you are at liberty to recharge whenever the energy is used up. Yes, you read right – you don’t get charged for energy not consumed.


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There are several ways to recharge your prepaid meters if you have one – getting a smart card is the first thing to do, this helps you purchase, load, retrieve or sell power credit. Once this is done, configuring your smart card in any of the Discos offices close to you is next in the line of action.


Normally, energy credit recharge comes in a 20-digit pin code. Below are easy steps to recharging your pre-paid meters alongside the required codes to input.

Purchasing the credit:

Go to any Disco office or dealer outlets close to you with your smart card. Present them with your card which carries your meter number, then go ahead to request for the credits you can afford. Your account will be credited by the agent – you would be given a slip containing a 20 digit code alongside your receipt.


Recharging the Meter:

When you get home, enter the 20 digit code through the UIU keyboard. While doing this, be sure to observe the UIU LCD screen, this is to ensure you are entering the correct digits. If you have entered the right TOKEN, the UIU LCD screen will display “ACCEPT,” which indicates that recharge was a success. Albeit, if the screen displays “REJECT”, it means the wrong code was entered and recharge wasn’t successful. You might have to try again but with extreme caution this time.


Another way of using your smart card is by inserting the card into your monitor unit in the proper direction indicated on the card, but first, ensure the control box is connected to a power source. You will see the LCD screen of the monitor unit displaying a symbol like this “_____”. This an indication that your meter and card are communicating and credit loading is ongoing. At the end of the process, the updated level of your credit unit will be displayed on the LCD screen once loading is complete.

NOTE: Do not remove your smart card while loading is incomplete. This will destroy your smart card, the meter, or both.

After loading is complete, you should check for things like Meter number, Balance and Total credit used. Here’s how to get these details:

Meter Number: Dial “65” followed by the blue button. The 11 digit code displayed on the screen is your meter number.

Balance: Dial “07” followed by the blue button. The available balance will be displayed on the screen in this format (102.12).

Total Credit Used: Dial “07” followed by the blue button and wait for a reply to be displayed as shown above.


Recharging your prepaid meter is that quick and easy!


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