How To Report An Electrical Hazard Using The i-safe Mobile App

An electrical hazard is a dangerous condition where a worker can or does make electrical contact with energized equipment or a conductor.  From that contact, the person may sustain an injury from shock, and there is a potential for the worker to receive an arc flash (electrical explosion) burn, thermal burn or blast injury.

Electrical hazards are unavoidable, even though electrical companies wish for them to be totally eliminated, they still occur. It is on this basis that Ikeja Electric is introducing a means through which electrical hazards can be reported irrespective of the time and location of occurrence. The IE mobile app called “i-safe mobile app” is simple and convenient to use.

The app avails customers to report issues of electrical hazards within their environment on the go. It also provides a feedback channel through which the customer knows the complaint has been resolved.

Wondering how to get the i-safe mobile app – Here’s a way to go:

  • Download i-safe app from google play store.
  • Register – using your email address
  • Report hazards by taking pictures, describe the nature of the hazard and include the exact location of the captured hazard.
  • Submit the hazard.
  • Our QHSE Team gets a notification that a hazard has been reported.
  • You get an update in your mail when the issue has been resolved.


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