FG Directs NERC & DISCO To Allow Customers Buy Meters

NERC Exploring Alternative Power Generation To Boost Supply – Independent

Giving the current state of the power sector, NERC has said it is willing to explore other sources of alternative power supply in order to boost the sector. John Mommoh, NERC’s Chairman, who spoke on Monday in Edo during an interview with NAN, said the Commission is going to use renewable energy as an alternate source of supply giving the abundance of wind and sunshine the country is blessed with. “This will also reduce the nation’s dependence on electrically generated sources of energy supply,” he said.


According to NERC’s policy, there are provisions for the commission to harness other alternative sources of supply, thus, NERC is acting within the ambit of its regulatory policies. He also assured Nigerians of NERC’s unwavering commitment in making sure every Nigerian has access to adequate power supply irrespective of their locations and enjoined them to be metered in order to enjoy efficient supply.



Electricity Company Drags UCH To NERC over N217m Debt – Premium Times

The University College Hospital Ibadan (UCH) has been summoned before NERC’s arbitration panel over a debt of N217m owed to the IBEDC.  The Business Hub Commercial Manager (IBEDC), Mr. Bamidele Falade, told the NERC  panel that the IBEDC had to resort to a third party intervention due to the huge debt owed the Disco by the UCH and that the Disco might be forced to cut supply to the UCH if the debt is not cleared. Mr. Falade also said the Discos have made several appeals to the UCH which they blatantly ignored.


Responding to the allegations from the IBEDC, the UCH Admin Director, Yemi Shiyanbola, admitted that the UCH is indebted to the IBEDC, but appealed to the Disco to give them more time to settle the bills. The appeal was made on the grounds that, the UCH cannot function with power supply and as such, putting the lives of both inward and outward patients at risk. He added that the bills will be cleared soonest as the federal government has promised to take over electricity bill payment of all federal hospitals.


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