How To Resolve Prepaid Meter Issues

Using prepaid meters are great. One major advantage is that you pay as you go which gives you the power to control your electric bills. For instance, you can decide on:

How much electricity you want to use,

When you want to use it and,

What appliances you would like to use at that point in time.

But just like every other electronic machine, prepaid meters are not without flaws and as such, are given to faults every now and then. Good news is, if you recognize ahead of time, what those common prepaid meter problems are, the solutions might not be far-fetched and you stand a better chance of getting past them.

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Below are some of the toughest problems users of Prepaid meters face – and your guide to solving them:

Prepaid meter-monitor blank?

  • If your screen is blank and your electricity is off, there might be a power cut. Call your customer care provider or contact your local distributor.
  • If there is no power cut, and your electricity is on, it might be a wrong connection. Note your meter serial number and contact your local distributor.

Trouble recharging your prepaid meter


  • if you are using a smart card, gently wipe it with a clean dry cloth and insert again. It works in most cases.
  • You might be having a communications problem between your customer interface unit (CIU) and the meter. Try checking if you can access your meter number, if you can’t, then switch off all the appliances and try loading the token again.
  • The token might be a Wrong Token… Try buying another token to check if it works.
  • Change in tariff index – this requires an activation token/code to resolve. Contact your service provider.
  • When the meter was not properly commissioned or activated. Call your service provider for assistance.


If none of the solutions above solves the problem, your meter might be faulty. You would need to contact your customer service provider or your local distributor.

My units are reading too fast?

The following could be the cause:

  • Someone might be using your power without notice. Check for wrong connections. You can call a qualified electrician to do the check, or simply contact your service provider.
  • Your appliances might be consuming a lot of electricity. Trying changing to lower load and energy friendly appliances.

Other causes might include Energy Leakage, Wrong earthen, faulty meter E.T.C.

I misplaced my token, How do I recover it?

  • if you had made an online payment, simply visit the online portal you used in transacting/ making the payments and reprint.
  • If you had made the payment through a vendor, visit the vendor with your meter number and he/she would assist you from there.
  • In other circumstances, the customer is required to contact their service provider.

I love my prepaid meter so much, Can I move with it?

This question might sound funny but truth is that most people are in love with their prepaid meters and cannot afford to lose it due to relocation, Reasons being that they might not have a prepaid meter in their new residence.

The Solution:

Don’t relocate!!, because, Prepaid meters are unmovable. However, you can contact your service provider for more details on how to get a new one installed.

Why is my meter on Tamper Mode?

Tamper mode is a situation where the prepaid meter is on yet unable to supply current/power to the customer’s premises. This might be caused by the following reasons:


  • Wrong connections.
  • Worn out wires.
  • Attempting to hack the meter
  • Faulty meter
  • Technical issues


Please kindly contact your service provider to resolve this issue.

It’s a Miracle. The unit on the meter is not reading and I still have power?

As miraculously as it might sound, it is categorized as an energy theft, if you do nothing about it. So you know, the possible causes are;

  • Faulty meter
  • Wrong connections
  • Illegal connections/load bypass

Contact your service provider with the meter number for advice.

I just inherited an outstanding debt on my prepaid meter?

Yeah, it happens!!. Most prepaid meters have an option to borrow units. This happens when you might have exhausted your current units, if you are moving into a new house, you should be careful to check the meter for debts.  

But if you are already a victim, our proffered solution is that you negotiate with your Landlord on how to pay the bill.

My Prepaid meter does not work with my solar panel?

Please contact your service provider as soon as possible to get this resolved.

There is more

The problems discussed above were gotten from our Top FAQS for the past six months. If you have any more questions, please kindly share with us in the comment section below.


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