Three years after privatization, Nigeria still suffers from inadequate electricity supply with some parts not receiving up to 10 hours of supply per day, while others are entirely left out on the grid that supplies electricity, thus living them in the dark era still. It is safe to say, so far, privatization has not solved Nigeria’s electricity problem in its entirety.


Recently, there has been a shift in trend as Nigerians are beginning to source for alternative sources of power generation so as to put a final niche in the bud of the electricity challenges bedeviling the country. From coal to renewable energy, others sources of power generation like water and waste are been harnessed on daily basis.


This article takes a look at one of Nigeria’s own innovations by Emeka Nelson, an engineer who stands tall as a beacon of hope for Nigeria and an answer to the many unanswered questions in the power sector. Emeka Nelson has built power generation sets which runs on water for personal use to industrial generators which runs on waste. Emeka Nelson is graduate engineering from Methodological Training Institute in Anambra State and an indigene of Enugu state. In his quest to proffer a lasting solution to the power situation in the country, Emeka embarked on a mini off-grid project called “SHALLOW POOL OFF-GRID HYDROELECTRIC GENERATOR” that can generate power to a dozen household in any community with a running stream or river.


The Shallow Bowl Hydro Turbine with a capacity of about 15KW large enough to power 12 homes at a time, is a shift from the norm in the history of electricity generation in Nigeria which means that electricity generation does not need to run on fossil fuel alone but can also run on water, which is in abundance in most of our communities.


Here is a little explanation on how the SHALLOW POOL OFF-GRID HYDROELECTRIC GENERATOR works:

The water flows through a mapped out channel into the upper housing of the turbine causing the axial blades to spin while finding its way through them. This causes the blades to spin, rotating the shaft connecting the blades and the waterproof alternator mounted below the upper casing. As the blades spines, the water finds its way out of the turbine’s upper casing through the exhaust module and continues its journey. The spinning of the blades and rotation of the shaft/alternator is what produces the electricity


The SHALLOW POOL OFF-GRID HYDROELECTRIC GENERATOR cost about N5m which covers both installation and generation cost. However, a small community requires just about three of the Shallow Bowl Hydro Turbines to power all the housing units in it, which will total to approximately N15m.


The most interesting part of this is that, once installation is done, one can boast of a 24-hour power supply and wouldn’t really need to worry about the incessant outages associated with the electricity generation and distribution.

SHALLOW POOL OFF-GRID HYDROELECTRIC GENERATOR is not just an invention that saves cost, but it is also environmentally friendly as it does not emit any sort of poisonous fumes or noise into the environment.


The inventor of SHALLOW POOL OFF-GRID HYDROELECTRIC GENERATOR, Engr. Emeka Nelson said he is open to investors from the power sector, stakeholders, industries and well-meaning individuals who are willing to partner in this project and provide electricity to every part of Nigeria.


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