On several occasions, people opt for generators which run on fossil fuel instead of solar as alternative sources of energy. This is mainly because they assume the generator is a much cheaper and cost friendly option as compared to acquiring a solar system. Most of these decisions were made based on uninformed decisions, because if one were to take a critical look at the cost implications of running and maintaining a generator over a period of time side by the side the cost of buying and installing solar systems in our homes, we’d realise that in the long run, we spend more using generators.


Here’s an explanation on how it works:

Estimated Cost of Using Generator For two years

The cost of PMS per litre = N 145

The cost of 2KVA of generator = N57,000

Average fuel consumption (brand new)= 1.5liters/hour (9 liters in 6 hours=N1,305)

Fuel consumption in 2 years is 6,570 liters= N952,6540

Servicing/quarter=N5000 (N40,000/ 2 years)

Putting all the above into considerations, expenses over a 2 year period will be


ITEM QUANTITY Rate year 1 year 2
2 kva Generator 1 50,000 50,000
Fuel 9 liters/day 145 476,325 476,325
Servicing 1/ quarter 3000 12,000 12,000
TOTAL 538,325 488,325
GRAND TOTAL 1,026,650


Estimated Cost of using Solar for One year.

The cost of 2KVA solar system which comes with an inverter, two batteries and four solar panels can be yours for ₦ 750,000 . This includes the Installation fee, Transportation fee and a warranty of 2 years.  You don’t even need to pay at once as PowerBug  gives you an option. You can choose a payment plan and within two years, and you are good to go.

Bottom Line:

Although generators are the most popular alternative sources of electricity, they are not the most efficient as you have witnessed above. There are literally more cost effective and environment friendly alternatives out there to choose from.

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