Heritage Bank Backs Global Movement For Affordable Solar Electricity-Independent

Heritage Bank Plc is collaborating with ‘Liter of Light Nigeria’, a global open source movement, to provide sustainable solar electricity for Itomaro community in Lagos State. Passionate about making cheap and sustainable solar street lights accessible to the impoverished off-grid communities in Nigeria, the partnership at the weekend launched 35 units of solar energy-powered street lights it produced for the community. The movement comprises a group of Nigerian students of the University of Nottingham, United Kingdom, who is passionate about making a positive difference to the world through the gift of light.

The MD/CEO of Heritage bank, Ifie Sekibo, in his remarks to the beneficiary community during the launch, commended the people living in the community for giving access to the joint team of Heritage Bank and Liter of Light Nigeria to execute the project, stressing that without their confidence in the project the achievement recorded would not have been possible. The MD/CEO also commended the youth of the community, who volunteered to participate in the training sessions organised during the two-week period of the production of the street lights.


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