How To Reduce Your Electricity Bills During Laundry

One of the top financial headaches we share is the cost we pay for using electricity, in addition to that the fact that our current lifestyle makes this expense a necessary one.

Anyhow, for us living in the “urban jungle” – getting tips on how to lower our electric bill is something we can always use. That’s why I’ve compiled this list of quick and easy energy saving tips on how to do your laundry properly. Learning how to Lower your laundry bill is one of the easiest ways to save on energy.

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If you can’t find an energy efficiency label on a washing machine you’re intending to buy, ask the retailer to provide one for you as they’re required to do so by law. Ensuring your appliances are as efficient as possible will save you a lot of money down the line.


What you need to know about energy efficient dryers

Dryers are one of the most expensive appliances to run. Hanging your clothes to dry instead of using the dryer can save 700 pounds of C02 a year. Plus, there’s nothing like the sun- and wind-dried clothes! But admittedly, line-drying is not practical for everyone, and some communities don’t even allow it. Thankfully there are a few simple tips you can follow to save on your energy bill:

  • As always keep an eye out for the energy star rating. Usually, though not always, more stars equal more savings.
  • Use sensor technology: this can save you up to 10% on your energy bills because it stops running the machine when the clothes dry. These sensors have the added benefit of reducing wear by drying clothes too much.
  • Improve energy efficiency by emptying the lint filter after each load.
  • Heat pump dryers might be worth the investment if you dry a lot. They can use approximately half the energy of everyday electric clothes dryers.
  • Different fabrics dry at different sorts. So be sure to sort loads by fabric.
  • Use Mother Nature when you can: of course, the biggest savings of all is a clothesline. It’s also the most eco-friendly.

What you need to know about energy efficient washing machines

  • If you’re not using your machine, unplug it. Most people don’t realise that it’s still drawing energy even though it’s not on. And stop using the standby mode (yes it’s still using energy even then)
  • If clothes are highly soiled, be sure to pre-treat them. Doing so means you need only wash them once.
  • Always use your washing machine in full load – it’s designed to handle that much so optimise your time and electric consumption. Remember, full load and NOT overload.
  • Know the proper amount of detergent to use so that your clothes will be clean and yet require only one or at most two rinsing cycles, and pre-soak soiled garments to lessen your wash cycles.
  • Squeeze your clothes first before spin-drying them.
  • Did you know up to 90% of the energy to wash clothes is heating the water? So go ahead and turn the thermostat down and use less energy. Even better turn it to cold. Be sure to choose laundry detergents that work best in cold water
  • Put your clothes dryer in a warm and dry space. A clothes dryer in a cold or damp basement will have to work harder to get your clothes dry. But more importantly, just hang your clothes to dry on sunny days.


The final word

Washing and drying clothes can take a toll on your wallet and the planet – Practising and Following the above energy tips can save you tons of money whilst keeping the environment safe.



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