Kaduna Electric Commiserates With Customers In Kaduna

Dear esteemed customers,

Once again, we commiserate with all residents of Kaduna who have been caught up in recent crisis in the city and its environs. We commend the state government for its prompt response in curbing the escalation of the crisis and pray to God Almighty to heal all hearts and bring lasting peace to kaduna.

Despite the current security challenges, Kaduna Electric shall continue to mobilise its men and resources to ensure uninterrupted power supply in these trying times. We are encouraged by the positive comments by some of our customers who have testified to the steady supply in their neighbourhood. While we are only doing our job, such warm feedback gives us the impetus to go the extra mile and do even more.

In view of the reality of the market in the power sector, we are compelled therefore to remind all our customers of the duty upon them to settle their bills when due. That way, we can have sufficient resources to live up to our obligations to that market and ensure our operations continue to run smoothly.

We are happiest when our customers are happy. We need your help for a better Kaduna Electric.





Source: Kaduna Electric Twitter


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