Outage Alert

PHED Planned Outage Alert

October 29, 2018 Princess 0

The management of Phed wishes to inform her esteemed customers that a  a planned outage has been scheduled Ahoada/Yenagoa 132kV lines 1 & 2. Reason For Outage: To treat hotspot on jumper at Owerri Transmission […]


Smart Grid Systems And How They Work

October 26, 2018 Princess 0

A smart grid is one which includes a variety of operational and energy measures including smart meters, smart appliances, renewable energy resources, and energy efficiency resources. Simply put, it is what you plug into when […]

Outage Alert

PHED Outage Alert

October 25, 2018 Princess 0

Phed regrets to inform her esteemed customers that there is a loss of supply at Ahoada and Yenagoa Transmission Stations from Owerre 132kv line. Reason For Outage: Tripping on Owerri 132kv line Feeders Affected: Imiringi […]

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