TCN Rolls Out 94,762 MW In September – NAN

TCN on Wednesday, said it wheeled out 94,762 MW in September, due to increase in generation in the last two weeks of the month. The daily statistics of TCN operations obtained by the NAN from Nigerian Electricity System Operator (SO), a section of the TCN, indicated that 30,936mw was generated from Sept. 2 to Sept. 12. This was against the 63,826.9mw generated between Sept. 13 and Sept. 30.

TCN’s Managing Director, Mohammed Usman, has called for a regulation by NERC to protect its transformers in the event of damage by DisCos. He said the inability of the DisCos to invest in distribution infrastructure had resulted in the use of some of TCN’s transformers by DisCos to supply electricity, which sometimes resulted in the breakdown of the transformers. “Under the grid code, everybody has their responsibility; we have our responsibility, and distribution companies have their responsibility,” he said.




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